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Healthy Mayonnaise – Made In 1 MinuteWe all need a healthy mayonnaise recipe in our lives! This recipe is ridiculously easy to make, and it’s loaded with good for you ingredients. Traditional store bought mayo often contains processed ingredients and oils such as canola oil which are pro-inflammatory. My goal is to reduce your inflammation, not raise inflammatory markers. So here you have it, my simple 1 minute mayo, I know you guys will love this. All you need is 4 ingredients, a hand blender and you're good to go!
Roasted Zucchini DipI created this because I have a histamine intolerance. This comes and go, but at the moment it’s back. So, I wanted to create a dip that I can enjoy without reacting too, because right now I’m not able to enjoy a lot of store bought dips and spread. This roasted zucchini dip is really delicious on top of my go-to GF loaf, brown rice crackers, mixed through roasted veggies, tossed through a salad or dip some sliced veggie sticks into for a nutritious snack.
4 Simple Healthy Salad DressingsIf you know me personally you'll know I'm all about adding dressings and sauces to meals. Dressing are one of the best ways to jazz up a salad or any meal. Delicious dressing and sauces can keep healthy eating exciting and not boring. As always with my recipes these are ridiculously easy to make and store well in the fridge for a few days in a concealed jar. Most store bought dressing are loaded with unhealthy fats and sugar, so why not put aside a few minutes each week and whip up your own healthy and nutritious dressing to enjoy. Here are 4 of my simple, healthy salad dressing recipes.
My Go-To Green Goddess DressingThis is my go-to green goddess dressing which has become a staple in my home for many years. You can enjoy it over salads, vegetables, grains or use as a pasta sauce. It's seriously amazing! It contains one of my favourite herbs, parsley. While many of you may consider parsley as purely a decorative garnish, it actually boasts some incredible health-promoting qualities. Parsley is a super food in my eyes and it's so underrated! Parsley has the highest vitamin C levels of any herb and contains beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A for repairing and renewing skin cells. Chlorophyll and vitamin K in parsley also help reduce puffiness in the face and erase those dark under-eye circles. It's also a powerful diuretic and detoxifier, and helps to prevent bloating and water retention by flushing out the kidneys. It also helps to boost digestion which is at the core of good health, removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, and cleanses and purifies the blood. Rich in anti-aging antioxidants, parsley is a great source of vitamins A, C and E plus folate, iron and many other minerals. Parsley is a superb food to fight cellulite for all of these reasons! Anyway, back to the dressing now. This green goddess dressing also contains healthy fats from the olive oil to help nourish your cells and make your skin glow. Lemon is another super-star ingredient, it's high in vitamin C and acts as a natural preservative, the lemon is key to make this salad dressing last in the fridge for a few days.
Nut Free NutellaWho doesn't love nutella! Nutella on toast was a childhood favourite of mine. In my early 20's I was having really bad reactions to all nuts, and was also allergic to peanuts, so I had to take them out of my diet for a few years, heal my gut so I could reintroduce them again. I now only have an allergy to peanuts and can eat small amounts of other nuts. This was the reason I create this nut-free nutella recipe, I wanted to enjoy a chocolate spread that was nut-free and not loaded with processed sugar. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!
Coriander PestoThis nutritious recipe was one I learnt on a cooking weekend during my first year studying nutrition. It tastes heavenly and has since become a staple in my home. It's also jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, cysteine, iodine, vitamin A and C. It's a great recipe to help assist the body's natural detoxification process. When making this in our cooking class we learnt that 2 teaspoons daily for three weeks can help to detox your body and help remove heavy metals (alongside a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle choices of course). I love to enjoy it with vegetables, grilled meats and fish, spread on toast, thinned with a little extra oil for dressing a salad, as a dip or to garnish a soup.
The Best Basic HummusThis is a very basic and classic recipe I have been using for years. Over the years I have played with many different flavours of hummus but always come back to this one because it's so delicious and can be added to so many different dishes. It's a great kitchen staple to have in the fridge, I love to use it as a quick snack alongside chopped veggie sticks or add it ontop of a salad.

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