Hi, I’m Natalie.
A Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Expert, Healthy Recipe Creator

I help women to eat the foods they love to get the results they’ve always wanted.
Discover how to balance your blood sugar levels to cut the cravings, have sustaibable fat loss, increased energy and more vibrant health, all by using food as medicine.

Natalie Brady Nutrition Auckland

Hi, I’m Natalie.
A Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Expert, Healthy Recipe Creator

I teach my clients how to take control of their health so they can lose weight, restore their gut health, support stable blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, regain their energy and reduce stress so they can get back to living their life feeling their best. I give my clients the tools they need to achieve this by putting together a customised health care plan which includes a meal plan, recipes, lifestyle recommendation & so much more!

An 8 week online course that will take the guesswork out of your health to transform your body and mind.

This 8-week course is designed to educate you, reset your health, balance your blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, support weight balance, improve digestive health, support hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase energy levels. It’s designed to empower you, and give you the tools you need to get the results you want. 

I strive to inspire, educate and motivate.

I have a HUGE passion to help empower women and men to feel happy, confident and live the healthy balanced life you deserve! It’s my mission to help you learn that healthy living should be fun, rewarding, enjoyable and NOT boring, difficult or feel like a chore.

My Wellness Philosophy
Simple Ways To Feel Your Best…






Recent Recipes

Hundred’s of healthy recipe ideas. All recipes use wholefood ingredients and are easy to make.

Easy, Quick, Blood Sugar Supportive Breakfast – Eggs, Spinach, Avocado & OrangeBreakfast doesn't need to be fancy or time consuming. But if you want to support amazing health, have less afternoon cravings, or afternoon fatigue, better hormonal balance you want to make sure your breakfast is high in protein and supportive of blood sugar balance. This breakfast can help with that! It's super nourishing, let me break this breaky down for you: Egg - packed with vitamins A, D, B vitamins, choline, DHA, protein, healthy fats Spinach - loaded with antioxidants, folate, vitamin A, C, K, magnesium, a good fibre source Avocado - a skin loving, hormone loving healthy fat, a great source of fibre Orange - a great source of vitamin C
High Fibre Strawberry SmoothieThis high-fibre strawberry smoothie is supportive of gut health, skin health and is balanced to support stable blood sugar levels. Here are some benefits to this smoothie: MCT oil - provides your brain and body with a rapid fuel source, it can help reduce brain fog & keep glucose levels in check. Healthy fats also help to elongate blood sugar keeping you feeling satiated, along with supporting hormonal health & skin health. Hemp seeds - a wonderful plant-based source of omega-3 and protein. They are also a great source of vitamin E, other minerals & are a great skin loving food. Psyllium husk - an amazing prebiotic which promotes healthy colonies of probiotics to grow in the gut. It's also a great source of soluble fiber which can help with lower cholesterol & supporting healthy lipid levels, along with helping to relieve constipation. Protein powder - no smoothie is complete or balanced without protein. It helps to ensure the smoothie supports stable blood sugar levels & energy levels. It also provides your body with essential amino acids to support overall health & wellness. Strawberries - are rich in vitamin C & antioxidants. Berries are one of my top fruits to enjoy which are more supportive of blood sugar levels as they are lower on the GI index. Cauliflower - a great way to get in extra veggies and fibre to further support the microbiome. Cauliflower is also a great liver loving food.

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