Nourish Your Little One eBookNourish Your Little One eBook

Nourish Your Little One eBook


Everything you need to know about starting solids.

Every time you sit down to feed your little one it’s an opportunity to support their brain development, growth, gut health, immune system, prevent disease and health complications later in life. You also have the opportunity to develop their palate to prevent picky eating and reduce their desire for sweet foods.

My ‘Nourish Your Little One’ guide gives you all the information and tools you need to know about starting solids and how to nourish your little human using nutrient-dense whole foods.

What to expect in this guide:

0-6 months
– Preparing your baby for solids
– Developmental signs to look out for

6+ months
– Most critical nutrients babies need from 6 months
– How to feed your baby. Spoon feeding vs baby led weaning
– Serving sizes
– Timeline for introducing real food meals
– A note on food quality
– Gagging and choking, what you need to know
– How to build a nutritious and balanced meal or puree
– The flavour window ‘how to prevent picky eaters’
– How to build a healthy microbiome
– Constipation tips
– Allergies – what to look out for, allergenic foods, how to introduce them
– A note on sodium
– What about sugar?
– Eczema tips and product recommendations
– Baby-friendly supplement guide if needed
– 20 first food ideas
– List of 90 most nutrient-dense foods to introduce in 90 days
– 14-day sample family meal plan for food introduction (including both a BLW option and puree option  for each meal)
– Wholefood recipes