How To Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite

Oct 26, 2018 | Skin Issues, Wellness

Let’s be real… no one like cellulite, especially on our butts and thighs. In fact, cellulite is among the major complaints that women have about their bodies. And the vast majority of women develop cellulite (including myself). One of the reasons that we suffer from this not so lovely “cottage cheese” look is because our collagen breaks down and our fat cells break free, racing to the surface for everyone to see. Collagen is a necessary component in the connective skin tissue that sits just below the uppermost layers of your dermis (second layer of skin), and it helps to provide plumpness and elasticity to our skin. Truth be told, cellulite affects over 90% of women, regardless of age or weight. Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate cellulite, but there are some things you can do to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.   

So, what is cellulite?

Uneven, lumpy skin on thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, abdomen, breasts. Cellulite is not the result of too much fat in your body. The actual cause of cellulite occurs internally with the weakening of the skin cells and connective tissue. As the skin sustains damage from a myriad of sources, such as aging and the environment, it loses its essential water and weakens. Cellulite and also stretch marks are caused by skin that has deteriorated and dehydrated to the point where buoyant fat cells trapped just below the skin can push into the dermis and show through the surface. To repair cellulite we need to focus on repairing the dermis, not on burning fat. Cellulite is not a “fat” problem – rather it is a “dermal” and “cellular” problem.

What can bring cellulite on:

  • Poor dietary choices

  • Lack of physical activity

  • Toxin build-up – from unhealthy fats, processed foods, salt, alcohol

  • Hormonal changes

  • Dehydration

  • Slow metabolism

Ways to naturally reduce cellulite

Eat a clean, healthy, wholefoods diet – with lots and lots of veg

First things first…. what we eat is one of the most significant factors that affect cellulite. Eating healthy can help to keep cellulite at bay. There’s no miracle cure to replace a balanced, wholefood diet overflowing with fresh vegetables and fruit. Fibre from fresh vegetable and fruit, as well as whole grains,  will help remove toxins and waste from your body.

Stay hydrated 

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Do this by drinking at least 2L of water every single day. It can significantly help to reduce cellulite and plump the skin.

Try a self-massage or foam roll 

The theory is that the breaking up lymphatic system through self-massage or foam rolling will allow the drainage of toxins (breaking up the connective tissue that causes dimples). It does not treat cellulite directly; rather it treats conditions such as sluggish circulation and increased capillary pressure.

If you’re not a fan of massage but have a foam roller at home or your gym give that a try for a 5 minutes a few times each week (or daily if you can).

Get into body brushing

Body brush your body using a natural-bristle brush (from a chemist or most health food stores), in long sweeping movements towards your heart. It helps to increase lymphatic drainage and offer a positive effect for the interstitial congestion caused by cellulite. Even doing just 2-3 minutes daily can help.

Get moving 

This one’s non-negotiable because no amount of dry body brushing or self-massage will ever replace the value of consistent exercise when it comes to pumping your lymphatic system. One of the most effective ways to get your lymphatic system flowing is with rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline). If you can’t do that go for a brisk walk, jog, yoga or try out a gym class that will get your heart pumping. Consistency is what will really kick cellulite’s butt, so do something you enjoy – and do it often.

Make sure you’re clearing your bowel daily

The reason this is important is to ensure you’re getting rid of all the waste products and toxins in your body daily! Think of your bowel as a waste disposal unit, if you don’t empty your ‘bin,’ it gets clogged up and overflows with dirty gunk. This gunk can get reabsorbed through the bowel wall and recirculate round your body causing all sorts of havoc. If you’re blocked up and not clearing your bowel daily get in touch with me today so I can create a personalized nutrition and wellness plan for you for help get things moving asap!

Last but not least… love your lady lumps and bumps 

Yes, I’ve been harping on about ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but no amount of physical self-improvement can override self-love and acceptance.

As mentioned about there is no actual “cure” or treatment which is 100% effective for cellulite. So, move your body regularly, eat well (80% of the time), treat yourself to a massage, stay hydrated, flush those toxins and do the best you can to embrace and love the body you’ve been blessed with while working towards a healthier you.

If you need help exploring this or are interested in a personalised plan to improve bowel health and/or your overall health don’t hesitate to make contact today and let’s get started! Life’s too short to waste to not feel your best! And get in quick, my calendar is starting to fill up for the rest of the year with Christmas only 8 weeks away!

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